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If you have made the decision to finally get clean and stop using drugs, there are numerous natural methods that can help. Going through withdrawal can be very challenging, especially for people with an opiate drug addiction. It is crucial for you to explore some of these options so that you can give yourself the best chances of living a healthier lifestyle. The options listed in this article can go a long way towards helping you to do this.


Meditating can be a very powerful way to cope with everything from everyday stress to opiate withdrawal. It helps relax your body and mind by focusing on your breathing. This is an easy, natural and safe way to make your transition off drugs a lot smoother. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t cost a thing. It is important that you are in a relaxing environment so that you won’t have any problems focusing. As you become more experienced with meditation, you can do it practically anywhere.


Cannabidiol or CBD has proven to be incredibly helpful lots of people who quit opiates. It acts as a mild mood elevator, relaxing the body and mind simultaneously. This oil can be very helpful when you are trying to overcome your addiction. Taking it during your withdrawal period can make a big difference when it comes to the severity of your withdrawal symptoms.  Many people find that it makes getting clean much easier overall.

There is no single universal dosage for everyone who is quitting opiate drugs, so it might take a little experimentation. The best thing you can do is to buy it in oil form so that you won’t have any problems finding the right dosage. Some people who use CBD for this purpose take up to 200 milligrams per day.

 If you find that it isn’t having any noticeable positive effect, you can always try taking more. It is impossible to overdose on this oil, and you cannot become addicted. These are just a couple of reasons why CBD has become so popular with so many people.

Art Therapy

Those who are going through drug withdrawal need to keep themselves as occupied as possible. While it’s not all about distraction, it is an important aspect of getting clean. There are many different types of art therapy that you can try out. Some people find that woodworking serves as an adequate distraction from their cravings. It will also provide you with the opportunity to bring out your creative side. Whether it is painting, making things out of wood or even music, it is something to consider. You can even try taking a class at a local community center to get started. There are also lots of instructional videos on YouTube that you might want to watch.


It is important that you get plenty of protein in your diet on a daily basis while you are going through withdrawal. This will help your body with healing damaged tissues and cells from drug use. It will also provide you with a good amount of energy, which is crucial during this period of time. A lot of people experience extreme fatigue when going through opiate withdrawal, so you have to give your body what it needs to stay energized.

Pet Therapy

You might also want to consider buying a new pet to help you through your withdrawal. Whether it is a cat, dog or something else entirely, this can be a great way to transition to a clean and sober life. The unconditional love of a pet can do wonders for those who are going through something as difficult as quitting drugs. Studies have shown that owning a pet tends to lower a person’s blood pressure, help with treating anxiety and even reduce physical pain.


While it might seem a bit strange, undergoing hypnosis with a skilled professional is something else that can really help you out when quitting drugs. Just one session can make a big difference with your recovery. You will need to look for the right person to see though, as there are many of these professionals out there. A good hypnotherapist might be able to help you with overcoming your drug addiction very effectively.

Anyone who is trying to quit and stay off of drugs will need to make a point of trying everything they can while staying healthy. These natural methods of dealing with drug addiction can work very well for a lot of people. The more things you are willing to try, the more likely you are to be successful in your sobriety over the long term. There is no one thing that works well for everyone, which is why you have to take some time to explore your options.

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