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Germany Squad: Waterloo in Pitches

In the beginning of the year, Germany national football team was the most favourite football team, also a potential winner of Russia World Cup. However, the team ended with a relegation to the second-tier of the Nations League. It is an inevitable goal by Virgil van Dijk’s home volley on Monday. The Netherlands national football team are slowly recovering from current crisis, defeating Germany earlier in the autumn. On a chilly night in Gelsenkirchen, another game was on hand once again.

The result could have been totally different. Before five minutes, the Germany side was inclined to win the game, which could have been avoided relegation to the second-tier. But the expectation was screwed for poor match results. At the end of the football match, the crowd started shuffling and went out of stadium. At the same time, other ideas occurred to Van Dijk. When the ball flew over Manuel Meuer, footballers all ended with arms fling and head dropping. There are doubts that whether they have anticipated something else.

It is obvious that the result was shocked at crowd, they all were deflated and disillusioned. In 2018, it was disorder no matter on and off the pitch. Footballers donning Germany football shirt only won several honours in March, following two warm-up games prior to the World Cup. Football matches against Austria and Saudi Arabia national football team were ideal, because both teams were not strong enough to threat Germany too much and not weak to leave matches boring.

Prior to defend their title, such information would boost their morale to a certain extent and keep them energetic. But this time, the idea could not take effect as usual. Certainly, one could not deny that the Germany national football team boasted a team with talents, skills and legacies. Löw managed to exclude interference of negative information, and confirmed he will be important when necessary.

When a team was shocked flat-footed when they qualified for the tournament. But conditions were substantial different with previous cases, Germany were trapped in wasteful, sluggish and rattled status. So something would be different.

Perception is critical in football field. Skilled veterans would gradually phase out for slow and inflexible body. From time to time, mercurial and enigmatic forwards’ behaviours could not be understood, because they are flaky and inconsistent. In the past, Neuer was a forward-thinking keeper and often received praise for his pre-eminent talents and risk-taking quality, but he lost support from most people for his mistakes.

Except for clearing one’s desk, it’s difficult to forecast anything after tournament exits. It’s no doubt that he had made mistakes. He didn’t regard the importance of the success of the Confederations Cup winners of 2017 and went back to his previous trusted old guard, in spite of fitness and form. In case the Confederations Cup was an audition, it’s certain that many football players would receive their recalls. Unimpressed Sandro Wagner was not on the plane to Russia and it was announced that he put an end to his international football playing career immediately.